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For those communities that are interested in starting to develop their own algae crops, we offer a service designed specifically for those communities that have management areas.


. Active training of the community that is part of the model.

. Raising financing to carry out cultivation.

. Workshops open to the community/high schools to learn about aquaculture topics.

. Paid work for those who are part of the model.

. Technology and infrastructure installed in the territories for the development of sustainable algae crops.

. Construction and monitoring protocols for community farming systems.

. Relationship with national and international buyers ensuring a fair sales price for the seaweed.

. Support in the development of positive governance models that allow the project to be sustainable.

. Long-term support from Huiro.



. Biodiversity recovery measurement.

. Carbon fixation results (6000 kg fixed carbon per cultivated hectare per crop cycle, achieving 3 cycles during service).

. Nitrogen absorption results (1700 kg of nitrogen absorbed per hectare cultivated crop cycle, achieving 3 crop cycles during service).

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